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What is EPD®?

An Environmental Product Declaration, EPD®, is defined as quantified environmental data for a product with pre-set categories of parameters (based on the ISO 14040 series of standards) and additional environmental information. The overall goal of an EPD® is to communicate verifiable and accurate information on environmental impacts of products and to encourage the demand for those products that cause less stress on the environment".

The intent of an EPD® is to provide the basis for a fair comparison of products on the basis of their environmental performance. An EPD® reflects the continuous environmental improvement of a product over time and along its value chain.

In few words, an EPD® informs about environmental performance of products in an objective, comparable and credible way.

More detailed information can be found at: www.environdec.com.

Download the PCR's of reference:

Draft PCR 1.6 - Cork Stopper (175kb)

Draft PCR 1.4 - Sparkling (174kb)



What is PCR?

In order to provide a correct and effective environmental information on a product and to compare different EPDs, the results shall have the same scope and should be presented in the same format. To achieve this goal, common and harmonised rules have been established to ensure that similar procedures are used for data collection, handling and presentation in the EPD®.

Therefore specific rules, the so-called Product Category Rules (PCR), have to be prepared for each specific product-group in order to guarantee the comparability of the EPDs. Company Cork elaborated the PCR for the cork stoppers category, with the co-operation of very important research centers in Italy and all the EU.

More detailed information can be found at: www.environdec.com


EPD®: motivations for a choice...

Download the certified EPD's:

Single piece natural cork stopper (149kb)

Certificate of conformity (108kb)

Cork stopper for sparkling wines(180kb)

Certifiicate of conformity (110kb)


Italian version